3 Creative Engagement Party Tips That Will Make Your Party Stand Out!

Did you get engaged and now planning to throw a good engagement party where you can break the news to people and celebrate with your closest friends and family? Well, deciding to throw an engagement party is easy, the hard party is the planning process. There are a lot of things like invitations, party food and gust lists you have to worry about before being able to enjoy the party itself! It is almost like throwing a smaller version of your future wedding in a way! Now, we would not want to have an engagement party that is drab and boring as any old party, instead we would want to spice it up in every way we could! You can put your head together with your fiances and come up with exciting ways to make your party stand out, and if you want some help these tips would gladly be of use to you!

Select a special venue

If you have not broken the news to your family and close friends yet, then this party is going to be the place to do it. In order for it to be something they would not easily forget anytime soon, make sure you hold the party in an extremely interesting or a special place. If it is going to be a small function with only the closest people you know, then you can easily hold the event at home! Just get a bartender hire Melbourne here, whip up some good food and it is your very own hotel!

Food and drinks

Even though it is not necessarily your wedding, an engagement party is also a very special function to take place! If you are having it at a good hotel or a club make sure they have a mobile cocktail bar so you can celebrate the entire night with drinks at hand! Make sure you let the hotel know of what you would like to be served so they can set the menu in a way it would not disappoint you or your spouse to be. The best part of the event is the engagement cake, so make sure it takes the center.

Party favors

Now this is exceptional and should be done only if you can! You can make your party even more interesting by handing out party favors to your guests before they head home! It could be a photograph of you and your fiancé with a wedding invitation or it could just be a favor that would remind them of the engagement party in years to come!