When you go to a party or a function that is well organized, serves great food and has amazing music you enjoy yourself. However, if you have to take part in a function that does not have good food or good music and is held at a location that is not at all admirable, you do not enjoy yourself. You will criticize the event later with your friends and family.

What happens when you get to host a function? When you get to host a function you have to make sure it falls under the enjoyable party category. You do not want to let people come all dressed up and have a bad time with crappy music and completely tasteless food. This is why you have to start planning the event from the moment an announcement is made about holding such an event.
Type of Function
The first fact to consider as the host is the type of function that is going to be held. This can be a private function such as a birthday party or it can be a corporate function where employees of the firm get together. Depending on the type of the party you will have to make the rest of the arrangements. However, one thing is for sure. No matter what function you are hosting, the food you order, whether it is German food or Indian food, has to be delicious. Any restaurant or catering service offers a menu for different events. Therefore, you can have a look at such a menu and decide the food items for the event. Follow this link http://thehof.com/ for further information regarding German restaurant.
Once you have determined the type of the function, you have to find a location. The guests are people who will be looking for a respectable, glamorous place. This glamorous place can be a charming German restaurant where they serve excellentbeer and a wide range of other drinks and delicious food. 
When you are specially ordering food, you have to be careful about the guests. If you order food that some of them cannot eat that is still going to be a problem. Therefore, when you are going to choose food make sure that you order a variety of dishes that serves everyone’s choices. For example, you can choose a tasty vegetarian dish for the vegetarians who might attend the occasion. Even if there are no vegetarians other people will also enjoy such a dish. 
These are just few of the things that you have to consider when you are hosting a party. If you pay attention to every detail you will be just fine.