There are millions of people who drink coffee on a daily basis. In fact there are those can’t go a few hours without taking coffee talk less of a day. Traditionally, coffee is brewed by pouring hot water on ground coffee and allowing it to soak for a while. The brew will be later separated from the ground coffee. This is what is normally referred to as regular coffee. Over the years, there are many different appellations of brewed coffee that are being used and this can be confusing even to a lover of coffee. In this article, we try to explain the espresso and why it is different.

What is espresso
The same coffee beans that are used to make regular coffee can be used to make espresso, however, espresso requires the coffee to be ground finer than is required for normal coffee. Different types of coffee can be used to make espresso but when you wan t high quality brew, Arabica is the way to go. It is called espresso because of the technique used in brewing the coffee grounds. This special technique used is the reason why special coffee makers called espresso machines are recommended and sometimes it may be better to buy coffee capsules compatible. Although it could be brewed in a pot over fire, the quality if the brew will be low.
To make espresso, coffee grounds are forced into a compartment called a puck and hot water is forced through it at high pressure. The extraction that is produced from the hot water going through the ground coffee is what is called an espresso, it is really express as the whole process can take less than 20 seconds. To ensure that you get a good quality espresso the coffer grounds should be fine and compact enough.
Espresso machines will maintain the temperature of the water and the pressure at which it is pushed through. Although you could try getting such over a fire, the results will be very different. An espresso has a much stronger and better flavor than the normal coffee. They are served in tiny cups as a single or double serving.
An espresso is very good for those who are in haste since it doesn’t take long to brew. Note that milk should never be put into an espresso. If milk is added, it is no longer and espresso. Those who will like to add sugar can do. You can have your own espresso machine right in your kitchen. Although they may be a bit expensive than the regular coffee makers, they are worth every dime. They will also save you time when you are rushing to work and have no time to get a proper breakfast.