People like to have various delicious food items these days, and they prefer to buy them from the shops rather than preparing them at home. It is not possible for all the people to make them at home due to the lack of time or due to any other reasons. Children and some people like the junk foods like pizzas, burgers, cakes, refreshing drinks, chocolates and many more things that can affect their health. The health of the people can depend on their regular food habits and their daily physical activities. In most of the restaurants and bakeries, the sellers use different food materials that can help them to make the dishes delicious but unfortunately such things are not good for the health of the people.

The cakes, cookies and other baked items from the bakeries are very attractive for the children. Nowadays, it has become the trend for the people to cut the cake for the occasions like New Year eves, birthdays, weddings and engagements, etc. The wedding cake toppers or the sugar coated balls and gels used for the decoration of cakes are not good for the health. But still, they use such products to decorate the cake so that it can look attractive and beautiful. Especially for the events, people like the cakes with themes and to have the favorite theme on the cake the sellers can use the gels and other topping materials.

It is crucial for the people to take care of their food habits as it can affect their health. The healthy and hygienic diet like eggs, milk, meat, vegetables, and fruits, etc. can give them a balanced diet and can also help the people to develop the immune system naturally. Doctors also suggest avoiding the outside food which is not good for the health of the children. Even the elder people like to have outside foods as they can be delicious and tasty. Many of the working people cannot adjust their time for food preparation. They can feel that it is little time wasting task and have their lunch outside. It is a waste of expecting the better hygienic conditions in the outside foods but still people prefer to have those foods because of their reasons.

In a survey, it has been found that a lot of food is getting wasted in the events, and some organizations have been collecting such food and providing it to the helpless and needy children. Instead of wasting such food, people can donate that to the charities for a good cause and can help the poor people. Maintaining the costly menu in the items can represent the social and economic status of the people. Especially in the weddings, people like to have the cake with wedding cake toppers that can represent the wedding event. But mostly occasional foods are not healthy for the people.