Coffee may have originated in Ethiopia but for many, Italians drink coffee the right way. In fact, the forces beyond Starbucks, first came up with the idea for the franchise while sipping coffee in Italy. Of course, much of what the world drinks cannot possibly be considered even close to the authentic Italian brew.
Are you are looking to mimic the coffee drinking ways of the Italian masses or simply looking for a better brew? If so, you have come to the right place. Here, you will learn how to make coffee the way that the old Italian masters did. Here is what you need to know: 
Know Your Coffee

The three most common types of caffeinated drinks in Italy is espresso, caffe macchiato, and cappuccino. Ifyou are planning on keeping it as authentic as possible, Italians tend to drink their cappuccinos with breakfast. This drink is rarely served after this meal. In fact, past 10.30 am, all Italians switch to drinking espresso. Another thing that you should know is that there is no flavouring, syrups, or other additions involved. Italians believe in drinking their coffee, untarnished by other flavours. This means avoiding the hazelnut, chocolate, or caramel aftertastes usually favoured by international coffee shops. 
The Process
Most traditionalists opt to use the Moka that has been used for the longest time in Italy. This coffee maker is set on the stove, allowing the beans and water to percolate until the drink is ready. One of the disadvantages with this more authentic tactic is that it takes time and can be difficult to perfect. For the more modern, savvy coffee drinker, get a Little Guy espresso maker online. These stay true to the original art while also making it easier to pour yourself that ideal shot. 
The Basics
The next thing that goes into this into creating a more authentic drink is the water. Italians have long claimed that only the best water will produce the best coffee. Unfortunately, Naples is a bit too far away for most to obtain some of their water. Left with no other choice, you are better off with bottled water than tap water. You should also utilize a Pullman coffee tampers to get the best possible grinds for your machine. You should aim to get grinds that are fine but not too fine. It is about getting that perfect balance. 
What would your espresso be without that perfect amount of crema? Crema is made from the mixing a little bit of sugar with some coffee. Pour a little bit of your drink into a teaspoon of sugar and mix thoroughly until a beautiful, caramel colour is formed. Then pour the rest of the drink, mixing as you do so. You can now make yourself a drink that is as close to the real thing as possible.