Natural Healthy Aromatic Infusions

Tea is an aromatic infusion made out of the leaves of the tea plant botanically known as camellia sinensis. The cured leaves of this amazing plant is dried, powdered and then brewed using hot boiling water. Tea can be taken as it is e.g.- black tea or otherwise with milk. Tea was discovered in Ancient china and moved across the Asian continent before it reached the west by the influence of Persian merchants. Tea became a fashionable drink in England, up to date the English tea parties are known for its class and finesse. Tea has taken many twists and turns in its journey through the years.

This aromatic infusion further enhanced with a decoration of herbs, spices and other plant substances usually without containing cocaine in its composition is known as most popular herbal tea. The difference between tea and this herbal infusion is that the traditional tea used in this infusion has been decaffeinated and herbs and other plant material added to it. Herbs and other plant material used to make these infusions has to be pre tested for safety and precautionary measures.

While some verities of herbal tea can be made using some toxic plant substances and can be used for daily consumption, provided the packet says safe for consumption. Most veriety of herbal infusions are safe for drinking, a very few are known for its toxic and allergic effects. The effects of these herbal infusions can vary upon each individual, depending on the herbs that have been used when making the tea. Peppermint, spearmint and mint teas contain the ability to remove a lot of ferrous ions from the body compared to normal tea. Herbs used to make these infusions can be exposed to pesticides and other chemicals known for its harmful effects on the human body.

Hibiscus tea is a popular herbal infusion in China and Sri Lanka is famous for its herbal/ medicinal infusions like iramusu (Smilax regelii), pol pala (Aerva lanata) ,beli mal (Bael), etc. Wenival (Coscinium fenestratum) infusion is a common pain killer as well as a good disinfectant. These infusions are known for their medicinal benefits to human kind, thus these herbal infusions have found its way to other countries and become common sight in pharmacies and supermarkets etc.

Herbal Infusions are a healthy choice compared to normal tea and the benefits needs to be made aware among the general public. These aromatic infusions are available in the form of tea bags making it convenient for brewing. Let’s work our way to a healthy generation.