One Variety Or The Other, Italian Red Wine Appeals Aussie Wine Lovers!

Almost all brands of the red wine are popular among the Australian wine consumers however the demand for Italian red wine for number of reasons has grown proportionately in the recent years. Italy accounts for almost one-third of the global wine market and its exclusivity to over 500 grape varieties, special budding taste and suitability to all special and casual drinking occasions is what making it growingly popular in Australia.

Shift in consumer orientation

The Australian wine consumer market has traditionally been dominated by the French brands but now there is a remarkable shift in the consumer orientation to more diversification in the quality and variety, and Italian red wine is becoming one of the most sort-after choices. Since the country offers a large range of verities it fits the consumer price and taste preference more than others.

Suitability to all occasions

From casual drinking to pairing with food and saving for the special occasions, Italy wine manufactures cater to the need of all. With a difference price tag Italian wine is affordable to all in all the seasons. The Australian’s love for food and wine is no secret to the world and some of the white wine in Sydney fits their need of pairing wine with good to serve them great.

Exclusivity of grape varieties

There are more than 500 grape varieties grown in Italy and some of them are not known outside the country. So, the factor of the exclusivity of sweet red grapes adds to the special flavour and aroma to the Italian wine. The country’s wine market is spread over 70 regions and all regions have their own exclusive grape varieties competing themselves within and the consumers around the world have a whole range of grape wine to choose from. Visit for buy red wine online.

Competitive prices

From the traditional old brands to new ones the Italian red wine carries competitive price tags, catering to the need of all segment of wine lovers, and given that the country produces very fine quality of wine, the consumers pay less to what they get. Since the country’s domestic wine market is very competitive, with all wine producing regions competing to each other, the outside world market is able to get a benefit of this local competition and negotiate a better price for their own consumers.

Sustainability and transformation of wineries

Italy is one of the few countries that have a very long history of wine production dating back to even Roman Empire. The country wineries have been successful striking a balance between the tradition and modernization, and as they have carried some of the oldest and traditional brands on their shelves the transformation of manufacturing technology and methods has helped the manufacturers to keep up to the latest refining and production needs. It is one of the reasons that Italian red wine has never slipped down from the wine lover’s choice preference worldwide, they love the new Italian wine varieties as much as they love some of the oldest ones.